Fees and Services


Consultation TypeFeeRebateCost Out of Pocket
Standard (15 minutes)$85.00$41.40$43.60
Long (20 minutes)$125.00$80.10$44.90
Double (up to 30 mins)$160$80.10$79.90
Extended (40 mins)$220.00$118.00$102.00
For specific item numbers, please call the office to check costs
  • Vaccinations – routine and travel
  • Flu and Covid Vaccinations
  • Preventative and chronic care
  • Women’s Health including antenatal shared care
  • Men’s Health 
  • Children’s Health
  • Mental Health 
  • Telehealth services are offered usually at the end of the consulting day.

Dr Priscilla performs procedures such as cervical screening, ear syringing, wound dressings, suture removal, wart treatment, cryotherapy.

She does not perform suturing, skin excisions, IUD or implanon insertions/removals but can advise on appropriate alternative services.